We are Cynima. We play melodic death metal. This is our homepage.

Cynima are Sebastian Schult and Johannes Schult. Their taste in music is vastly different. One of the rare albums both like is “The Spectral Sorrows” by Edge of Sanity. With this inspiration in mind, the two brothers set out to create some good-looking melodic death metal.

They asked their friend Christoph Ziegltrum to contribute vocals, which he gladly did.

In May 2009 Cynima present their first demo songs. The music is heavily influenced by Swedish death metal. The lyrics deal with films. Let the feast begin!

The name Cynima was not taken from “The Lord of the Rings”. The band is not Swedish, although Johannes owns some disturbing albums from Swedish pop musicians. The two Schult brothers used to play together in the band From Thy Ashes. Fighting over women and booze, the band broke up. The managers took the money and left the musicians for the vultures.

Sebastian SchultSebastian Schult went on to play in Teabag with former Psychotic Waltz musicians before he joined German death metal band Atrocity. He’s currently playing guitar in the thrash combo The Lies That Bind Us. His favourite brother is Johannes.

Johannes SchultJohannes Schult became obsessed with cinematic stuff and made it his mission to watch every Natalie Portman movie ever made. Only years later did he pick up his drum sticks, carrying them to the store and exchanging them for a cheap guitar. He then went on to play in the pop band Manticess. His favourite brother is Sebastian.

Sebastian, or Basti as his friends and enemies call him, likes the following death metal albums best:

  • Edge of Sanity: The Spectral Sorrows
  • Death: Human
  • Entombed: Clandestine
  • Grave: Into the Grave
  • Pestilence: Testimony of the Ancients

Johannes, or Jutze as the internet calls him, would take the following five death metal album when visiting Gothenburg:

  • Edge of Sanity: The Spectral Sorrows
  • Eventide: Diaries from the Gallows
  • Death: Symbolic
  • In Flames: Reroute to Remain
  • At The Gates: Slaughter of the Soul